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WaySoft POS System

WaySoft specialize in providing point of sales and Inventory integration software to small and medium-sized businesses. We offering lifecycle stability, network manageability at an affordable price designed to meet the demanding requirements of the retail market. WaySoft POS System is a complete POS System that will help you to succeed.

we can solve your unique inventory control, point of sales software needs with our advanced system solutions. WaySoft POS software is easy to install and easy to learn. To ensure that you and your staff 'hit the deck running' - our trainers and technical support staff will help you to take full advantage of our system's many features.

WaySoft POS Software is a complete business management system that will help you gain control of your business from front counter sales, to the storeroom, to your back office inventory, and all the spaces in between.

Industry Specific POS Software

To be competitive, you need an industry specific Point of Sales Software and Accounting solution for your business. You also can customize using our Setup Wizard to your business needs. You can setup the software to use multiple price levels, touch screen pos, serial numbers, special order functions.

Barcode Support

Our POS software supports bar code readers for faster checkout and inventory control. But we also support printing of barcode labels and designing your own barcode numbers if your inventory items are not already barcoded.

POS System Versus the Cash Register
Point of Sale systems replace old-fashioned cash registers. Here's how:

Old Cash Register

New Point of Sale System

  • Single Purpose
  • Tell you how much money—not profit—you’ve taken in during the day
  • Outdated business system
  • Multi Purpose
  • Gives you a basic profit margin
  • Advanced method of completing business transactions
  • Counts inventory and tell you when to restock
  • Links to one database

What better way to enhance your business than with the ease of a POS system? Dismiss your old cash registers and incorporate the POS system into your company to witness increased business efficiency and operations almost instantaneously! Contact us today!

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