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Waysoft Software Packages Solution
WaySoft has a range of system software packages to suit every business. Those packages are specially designed to make business operation more effective of organising a business. packages that includes:
a) Finger scan attendance system
b) Point Of Sales System
c) Website Development and Web & Email hosting
d) E-commerce web system
& etc

Customized Software Solution
We create innovative and cost-effective solutions to solve our customers' problems. We help align your technology with your companys business goals. Further provide your business with the proper short term and long term technology planning to propel your business into the future and past your competition.

Have to believe that the key to winning in today competitive market place is to have a plan for the future. Thus, they're many Small & Medium Enterprise need variety customized computer business system software and we are provide those quality system solution services to them.

Networking Services
A properly designed and maintained computer network will go a long way toward improving office productivity, communication, and organization. If you need a new network, you'll want to speak with one of our qualified networking engineers to assess your specific needs.
Regarding networks in general, there are basically two different types of networks:

Client-Server Networks are a sophisticated network model in which a single computer (or class of multiple computers) provide network service as a 'Server'. The majority of other computers serve as 'Clients'. Most clients computers run common varieties of Microsoft Windows (98, 2000 Pro, XP Pro), whereas the server will run a computer with a significantly more robust operating system.

Peer-to-Peer Networks. Where each computer is considered an equal. Although network maintenance is minimized due to the simplicity of the structure, this benefit comes with a lack of security and other powerful tools available to a client-server network.

Network benefit can be measured by four key factors: Reliability, Performance, Data Integrity, and Data Security. Depending upon your specific requirements, you'll want to be sure your minimum thresholds for each of these categories is being met.


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